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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> i'm sam brock. we have breaking news. police are combing parts of san francisco's soma neighborhood right now looking for clues into an early morning shooting. this happened just north of highway 80. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened but we do know somebody was shot. the victim's condition is unknown at this time. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you the latest information when it does become available to us. >> and happening today, brace yourself for a busy bay area weekend. president obama in town for a whirl wind fund-raising trip, plus the blue angels are back as the headliners of fleet week and it's friday night lights kicking off at levi's stadium in. >> the president will be attending another fund-raiser before he leaves california this
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morning. he answered questions last night about tech. >> let's go to nanette miranda. >> reporter: the president is expected to arrive here in san francisco's south of market district. the first vaend is at the "w" hotel. the event is sold out. oaks paynd $10,000 gets you all of the above plus a small meet and greet with mr. obama. $32,400, the legal contribution limit gets you the title of co-chair, whatever that means and the singer maxwell will also entertain guests.
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a town hall meeting with tech entrepreneurs was part of an effort by the white house to showcase recent economic gains while convincing voters to get out the vote. >> even as you're doing all this neat, cool, interesting stuff, do pay attention to what's not always as neat and cool but really necessary in washington d.c. and in your local communities. >> following that town hall meeting, the preds attended another fund-raiser at actress gwyneth paltrow's home. the president has another small fund-raiser tomorrow morning. you can expect to be a little bit of a traffic there.
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>>. >> and the president's visit could v impact on your commute this afternoon. so let's go to mike inouye. good morning. >> good morning. too early for the afternoon sensors to be showing up just yet. fleet wook, there's a lot of traffic to san francisco. 280 will be much clearer heading down toward san francisco. stanford will be playing tonight so that will be some congestion. and over here we have a concert
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with. >> dog and warren g and ice one on. >> we linked in a lot of campuses as well. we have friday night lights. high school teams are fortunate enough to play tonight. so all along 101 we have reasons for slowing, starting early afternoon into the evening. and your morning commute, more on that coming up. >> where the. >> and any time we are now the on any. >> police say two home invasion suspects are on the loose right now and they're asking for hip trying to find sem between plts, the robber stole a cell phone
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and some cash before they took off from that house. a dark colored four-door sedan was seen near the crime. >> and an ineffect shun has already sent hundreds of childrens to the hospital. -- i don't take him to the doctor every time. but now i'm definitely going o take him do the. >> now, this new case in santa clara brings the total number in the bay area to six. it on tra s cous could.
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>> there is no vaccine to prevent entero virus but they stress every one should wash their hants often if you. and the bay area lawmaker, that story is coming up at of:05. >> we take a nice look at the "u.s.s. america" docked in port this weekend. the blue else enthe parade of ship starts at 11:00. an action-packed boo.
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>> i have to say happy friday. we have an offshore flow event taking shape. this is our last summer hoorah. you'll be at 70 on the east shore and on the peninsula today, 77 degrees. let's talk about your changes. i love getting into a. >> everything is going to go into reverse. so high pressure moves in. our wind moves from land to sea and as a result we're going to get some big, clean waves this saturday. we're talking about 11 to 13
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footers out there, as offshore flow blows against the wave. so it old . >> the temperatures steadily fall. we have a lot of rain on the way. we're going to talk about that in my next report. first let's see how we're doing on a friday. welcome in mike inouye. >> if you're heading to the beach, this week is better than next weekend. this weekend we're looking a little bit easier. going toward the bay bridge toll plaza, this is pretty heavy for a friday. sometimes we don't see the metering lights turn on. today they're turned on about the same time they were
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yesterday. the. >> not even fog reasonablestering on our index here in the north bay, all moving smoothly down toward the golden gate bridge. the south bay we'll show you where the only slower drive is northbound to 101. weep did talk about that tri-valley. we'll give you a live look at dublin. speed still holding right around and today is going to be beautiful weather. everyone else seems like they're coming to the bay area. >> i'm going to stay put. i'm not going anywhere.
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>> two children rights activists have been april warded the nobel peace prize. >> malala yousafzai sand kailash satyarthi are this year's recipient recipients. allal is the youngest recipient of the nobel price. >> and what students need to know before heading out the door this morning. >> there could be another nude picture hack and this time it could involve -- well, you.
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president obama will be in san francisco for a fund-raiser at the w hotel. it was originally supposed to be at city hall. tickets range from $500 to $32,000. >> a south bay college campus is planning to reopen this morning after a water main break forced it to shut down yesterday.
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west valley college in saratoga closed yesterday afternoon, cancelling classes, events and even practices on campus. they expect to resume classes this morning. >> we all remember what happened with the cloud and the scandal of pictures. therary another naked picture scandal brewing. this time it's personal. >> scott mcgrew, regular people. >> a group of hackers say they've been able to get into snap save, it's an app that works with snap chat. some people use snap save and what do they save? they save naked pictures and hackers claim to have those pictures. as you point out, sam, very similar to the icloud hack that left hollywood starlets embarrassed.
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but this time regular people. apparently there are tens of thousands of pictures out there that will be released as early as today. >> well, it was the best of times for the market, that would be wednesday, it was the worst of times, that would be thursday. the dow down 335 points and frankly things don't look good for today. so apple has the giganto phone and google says it's going to make a phone even bigger than the iphone 6 plus. they are calling it, i'm not kidding, the shamu. we had this early picture of it and you just hold it up to your head like this. >> like this. hello, hello!
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hello. >> it's going to be this big. >> so to be clear, snapcat your pictures don't necessarily delete. >> well, on snapcat they do. when you add in this little extra service to defeat what snapcat is supposed to do. the bottom line would be don't send naked pictures to people. >> i think that hits the nail on the head. >> unless you're prepared for them to be public. >> in which case, yes, my twicer is @scottmcgrew. >> and he did go there. moving right along as we give you a live look at downtown san jose. we know there's a lot of activity in the bay area. will it be nice for you? we hope that's the case. we have the parade of ships going on, we have the blue angels. we're going to check in with
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christina to find out what the weather will be like for you. >> it's going to be pretty warm out there. we are on our way to the 80s. the east shore is the 70 degrees and 80 for the south bay. this weekend temperatures really perfect for today. then those numbers jump as we head into saturday and sunday. we're at 89 degrees on saturday. by sunday up to 93 degrees in the south bay. so it's going to be pretty warm here. not too bad in the city but still, warm if you are going to be headed out to fleet week, maybe sure to bring the spf 30-plus. i want to talk about this very powerful storm. it is going to make landfall on the japanese islands. and i can tell you right now okinawa is going to get hit. 125 mile-per-hour winds. it will continue to work its way toward tokyo and you have 1.4
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million people living in okinawa. once that storm hits, it's going to break away all this moisture and get picked bip our jet stream and transported all the way to the bay area. that will increase our rainfall totals as we head to next week. that's what we're thinking is going to create these numbers, 2 1/2. >> let's go over to mike. >> so much better visibility than a couple of days ago. we're talking about the parade of ships we've been talking about for fleet week. folks, if you're trachlg across that bridge, do not stop by any means on the span.
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if you can, look for pictures online. i'm sure there will be some. it's early for a friday. we have that backup that may be metering traffic back into the city. a lot of weekend stuff going on around the bay. let's look at the maps. we continue to track that but it's holding steady for the last half hour. along the embarcadero would be the concern and the city itself as president obama comes into town this afternoon. we're talking about stanford playing as well as the concert so more slowing on the peninsula. we'll look at 101, for example, where this corridor here between the university of willow and heading to the shoreline will be the issue because of that game this evening. here the only slow down.
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>> some breaking news now we'd like to update you on. one person is dead and doctors are scrambling to save the life of another after they were both shot in san francisco's soma neighborhood. you can see the scene is still very active. they will bring you some visuals of it. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. one person was pronounced dead on scene and the other was rushed to the san francisco general hospital. can you can see here but one person has died. >> definitely avoid the 500 block if can you. >> and it was a very bad joke. what one passenger said that
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prompted a u.s. materials response on
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. it is 6:25 on your friday morning.
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lawmakers will hear what public health experts and emergency management leaders have to say about preventing and controlling a potentially serious outbreak of ebola in the united states. on a positive note, the deputy that was quarantined does not have ebola. test results showed no trace of the virus thankfully. >> and a passenger who boarded a flight after it landed in the dominican republic. the man sneezed and said he had ebola. the man was taken off by workers
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in haz-mat uniforms and people were detained for two hours. he did not have ebola. >> and we are gathering new details for you this morning, we'll tell you which areas to avoid. that story coming up.
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the president, football and fleet week. brace yourself bay area. it is a busy weekend. >> i don't think fog is going to play a factor this weekend. looking really good for fleet weekend. hot and dry through saturday and sunday and then the big story, really good news. we've got rain on the way and a lot of it. your forecast in moments. >> but big crowds will play a factor this weekend.
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it's friday, we'll talk about the rest of your commute and slowdowns in the east bay coming up. >> this is friday, october 10th. you're watching "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and a good friday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon this morning. a decision earlier to not act on same-sex marriage is causing a lot of confusion. four days later couples in states where marriage is supposed to be legal still can't get licenses. tracie potts is following this story live from washington. a lot of these states seem to be tied up in legal limbo and a lot
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of folks just want to say i do. >> they are. we saw this in the bay area with california, one at odds with another and now we're seeing it on a national level where people who live in certain states who should be able to marry, according to what the court did not do earlier this week, they're not taking it that way at all and some places like idaho, people actually had their licenses in hand and then there was a stay. the supreme court put everything on hold after that lack of decision on monday. there's been a lot of back and forth between the supreme court, local courts. in nevada there was a change overnight, there were a number of county clerks there who were holding up those licenses until another federal court decision and we're seeing the same thing in a number of different states. bottom line, a recount overnight
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and with nevada's change that now makes 27 states where same-sex marriage is legal, 23 states where it's not. >> thank you very much, tracy. >> it's hard to even keep track. >> president obama lands at sfo this afternoon for a fund-raiser at the w hotel tonight. right now, though, he's in los angeles. tickets for tonight's fund-raiser, in case you were interested, range from $500 to $32,000. >> levi's stadium hosting four high school football games this weekend. two tonight, lots of proud parents. >> and stanford's football game is also tonight against washington state, the cardinals squaring off against the cougars. university officials are asking fans to arrive early to make sure they can find parking. >> and the blue angels are back this weekend for fleet week.
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last year their air shows were suspended across the country because of federal budget cuts. >> and they're back better than ever. >> and this is a live look at san jose as the sun still not creeping up just yet. christina, lots of stuff in the next seven days but beautiful weather to start, right? >> yeah, beautiful. we made it to friday and the weather is going to make things really easy for you. maybe you had a hard week. well, it's going to be really nice out there as we head throughout today and then by tomorrow temperatures get hot. but i got to tell you, this is our last little brief heat wave before those numbers crash and we dive right into winter-like territory. so this morning we're starting out in the 50s and 60s, more 50s and then 60s, and 57 in san martin. temperatures are pretty mild in san francisco right now. you're only going to jump by about 7 degrees as we head throughout the day today. a little coastal fog, a
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beautiful sunny afternoon but this is it, our last mild day. as we head throughout the next couple days, a return of summer-like weather. i want to remind you our days are getting shorter. sunset is occurring at 6:42 in the evening and starts to get dark before we even hit 7:30. the east shore at 70 degrees, 66 for san francisco today and right around 81 degrees in the north bay. the tri-valley, you'll end up in the mid 8 s for today. not too bad. this is what we're looking for towards fleet weekend, 74 degrees in san francisco. 82 degrees. you're also going to get a clear shot of the fireworks. they're going to happen earlier at about 8:00, 64 degrees. 9:0063 degrees. beautiful clear shot. and you know what?
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4th of july you have to wait till like 9, 9:30 to watch the fireworks. this is kind of a treat. the kids can stay up later. oh, sorry, sorry, keep it on the down low. >> auntie christina doesn't know your bed time. >> we don't see much significance as far as slowing goes. we do see it building out through berkeley and toward emeryville. a good volume of traffic is why they have those on. the north bay no fog like there was registering yesterday so that orange blob is gone, thank goodness. the rest of your bay looks very smooth. your usual suspects, hayward,
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south 880 as well as the tri-valley starting to build where you do have slow and westbound 580, headed toward dublin for a live here. and we're looking toward the san mateo bridge, coming through castro valley and a smooth drive over there will likely be a motorcade. if it does travel on 101, there will be those blocks early getting into san francisco. >> it will be chaotic. >> potentially. >> thank you very much. >> it's been hard to keep track of what's going on on wall street the markets have been all over the place. now they've been open for a few moments today. >> scott, it's been up and down and all around. >> it's been ridiculous, kris. we had the best day on the dow on wednesday of the whole year
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and yesterday we had the worst day of the whole year. now the dow is not moving. tesla down about 5% this morning, guys. hard to say why. tesla had that announcement yesterday. obviously investors seeing something they don't like. i'll look into that and get back to you. >> the d. they don't like leader. >> and what new documents are expected to reveal about president clinton's time in the white house.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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for the first time in three years, kim jung-unwill not be at the celebration of the founding of the party.
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an official document late last month described him as dealing with discomfort. he is thought to be 31 years old. >> and 10,000 pages of record from the clinton administration touch on everything from the whitewater investigation into the clinton's land dealings in arkansas, also going into president bill clinton's affair with white house intern lewinsky and pardons that he made as president. >> and police are looking for crews at the scene of a deadly shooting in san francisco this morning. >> been following that for the last two hours or so. plus tied up and robbed in his own house. the details of a home invasion in a normally quiet area. >> and don't you wish you could
6:42 am
see san francisco on your friday morning as you're looking for a pick me up? the fog might have you down right now, however, the weather will definitely have you back up later today. we're going to be checking in with christina and mike after this. we're back with 50 minutes of nonstop news right after the break.
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more on that breaking news out of san francisco. one person is dead and doctors are scrambling to save another after they were both shot in the
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soma neighborhood. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened and why the people were shot. the one person who died was pronounced dead at the scene, the other i was rushed to san francisco general with life threatening injuries. >> lots happening today. several big events across the bay area, the blue angels, fleet week and all of this going on as president obama comes in as sfo today to cash in for the democratic party. >> the president will spend the next few hours at a fund-raiser in southern california before flying to the bay area. this is video of him giving advice to young entrepreneurs last night in santa monica. >> nanette miranda is live at sfo. this is one pricey event.
6:46 am
>> reporter: it is a pricey event. if you don't want to get caught up in the traffic, 3:30 today and 11:15 tomorrow morning. 3:30 today is when the president lands at sfo. he'll then head to the w hotel for fund-raiser number one. the route is not disclosed for security reasons and combine that with friday afternoon getaway traffic, it could get a little dicey and a little messy. fund-raiser number two is tomorrow morning. it's a private roundtable of some sort with no details as to where it is yet but knowing that mr. obama is scheduled to take off around 11:15 a.m., folks can expect any route back to sfo could be potential for traffic tie-ups. the president's visit always includes closure of free ways, on and off ramps and street
6:47 am
closures so things could get a limb messy here today. the presidential visits also tend to attract protesters so can you expect the venues outside where he's appearing could also get packed. live at sfo, nanette miranda, live in the bay. >> the president is a frequent visitor to the bay area for fund-raisers. >> frequent road clogger we'll say. let's check in with mike. >> good morning. sam mentioned the president came into town not so many months ago. when he came into san francisco, from sfo into the city, there is traditionally a traffic break. we say if because they don't tell us for security reasons where the president is driving. we have fleet week with all this activity along the embarcadero so that will be an issue as well. and we'll look at the golden
6:48 am
gate bridge. one of your other activities is the parade of ships coming in. 11:00 today, you'll see some ships coming underneath and there may be some distracted drivers on the bridge. just drive defensively, folks. and a slower drive here at the toll plaza. approaching that map, no real drama, just slowing down moves smoothly. on the peninsula side there are a number of activities. we're going to tell you about that coming up. i'm going to show you commute where the bigger issue is west 37 at matilda. we had a crash, a smoking vehicle which has been cleared from all lanes. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. he's tracking the roadways. we are tracking the president. where he goes, we go. join us for nbc bay area news at
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5:00 and for details on tonight's fund-raiser. you can always check out our web site, nbc bay >> the president's visit is only one of the many things happening in the bay area, up and down the peninsula, south bay and in san francisco. you should watch for delays in mountain view. around 4:00 this afternoon there's a hip hop concert at shoreline am theater. snoop dog, warren g and other hip hop artists will perform. >> and some of these college football games were supposed to be played in august but were not because of issues with the turf. stanford hosts washington state, the cougars. school officials are warning folks to arrive early.
6:50 am
kickoff is at 6:00. >> why do you look at me when you say cougar, huh? >> the blue angels back in the skies once again over the bay area for performances. they practiced yesterday. it is a welcome sight for a lot of fans. last year the program was suspended because of the federal budget. >> this downtown san jose a very interesting, almost translucent blue effect there on your friday morning. blue is the theme of the day. >> blue angels, blue skies. >> no blue moods, though. >> we had a red mood recently, didn't we? >> i saw you standing alone -- never mind. i want everyone to know that sam's papers extend all the way over to my side of the table this morning and kris is very -- it's the end of the newscast, let me straighten everything out
6:51 am
here. 6:50 now. temperatures this morning are nice and comfortable. a good looking day shaping up. winds are going to shift. the winds hold the key to our weekend changes. right now can you see most of these arrows are still coming off the ocean but they're starting to shift. all these are pointing right back out to see as we head throughout the next couple days. this means our temperatures are going to change dramatically. you want to keep that in mind. it going to get hot over here the next couple of days. just as fast as we heat you up, we're going to cool you off with significant changes. especially saturday and sunday you're going to notice that change. out in the tri-valley, not a bad day. you'll be at 96 out there tomorrow. >> i want to talk about this
6:52 am
typhoon, vongfong. this is something we're going to be talking about for at least a week or so. it's going to move up over cooler water and weaken as it does so. we're expecting landfall about 11:00 p.m. our time. direct hit for okinawa. that is a very dangerous situation. then it's going to continue to move up, potentially impacting tokyo. that moisture is on its way to the bay area after that. it going to get pulled up into our jet stream. that's part of the reason we're counting on so much rain rainfall. our pattern is changing the week after. we have even more rainfall on the way. feast or famine. looks like we're going to have a
6:53 am
feast. >> firefighters are still battling a wildfire burning just north of auburn along highway interstate 80. evacuation orders are still in effect for folks in the applegate area. and the steep terrain is making things more difficult for fire crews. a fire is 25% contained. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> for the third time this week alone, a man has exposed himself in palo alto, this time to a woman in her 20s. the very most recent incident happened yesterday afternoon on miller avenue, both just blocks away from an all girls private school. and they haven't released a suspect of yesterday's case but in all three incidences, a white
6:54 am
man in a vehicle exposed himself but the vehicle descriptions have been. >> wednesday morning on san marcos circle and mountain view between 10:30 in the morning and noon, two men went inside a home, tied up a be man who was there, robbed him and left him tied up and took off. >> dog lovers are fighting for compassion this morning at the city-run animal shelter in oakland. they're claiming they're euthanizing dogs that should be adopted out. a pit bull puppy buttons was
6:55 am
euthanized after they said she was very food aggressive. >> another trainer tested her after that and said she wasn't aggressive. >> if a dog like button can slip through the cracks and be labeled aggressive, how many other dogs are out there like her that don't have a chance? >> that shelter has implemented some changes requiring euthanasia decisions to be reviewed by a second person before a dog is actually put down. >> and also this morning, two children activists have been awarded the nobel peace price. >> they were awarded for the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.
6:56 am
malala yousafzai is now 17 years old making her the youngest recipient of the nobel prize. kailash satyarthi has fought against child worker abuses. >> she took a look at it and went through the pages and saw the basketball players and said, hey, wait a second, these are all boys. there are no women in the entire catalogue! she has since written a letter, an actual letter, not a tweet to dick's. we heard about it because her dad is a sportscaster and a proud one at that. we'll let you know what dick's sporting goods does about it. this sunday i'll sit down with peter teal. he's the guy who pays college
6:57 am
kids to drop out of college and recently accused twitter executives of spomoking too muc pot. his biggest claim to fame is the founder of paypal. that's a young peter teal sending money from one palm pilot to another, the very first transaction on paypal. the company figures out nobody wants to do that and they moved to a different model. at the same time, there was another guy working on the same thing, a south african kid. so they combined forces and together they made paypal. do you know that guy's name? >> i don't but i have a feeling you're going to tell us. >> elon musk. >> ah! >> bay area representatives will
6:58 am
attend a hearing on ebola. they'll hear what public health experts and emergency management leaders have to say about controlling a serious outbreak. >> and it is a big weekend across the bay area. president obama landing at sfo for a fund-raiser at the "w" hotel. tickets range from $500 to $32,000. >> by now you probably know the blue angels are back this weekend for fleet week. last year they were suspended across the country. their shows were because of federal budget cuts. >> and the weather is going to be perfect. >> the weather is going to clear some space off for christina. if you had to pronounce nobel prize winning people's names, you'd want some scripts, too. >> i would, i definitely would. it's always nice when we get to report on some good news like
6:59 am
that. i have more for you. temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start. we're going to end up in the 70s and 80s today and 90s tomorrow. if you miss it, we'll have updates for you during the "today" show. >> and we have a good volume of traffic going on now. just as you approach that live shot there, we had a crash, a general slowing there. watch it on either side of the bay, guys, and also heading toward the farm. palo alto, there's a game today. >> hard to keep track. we do know there's also a baseball game coming up this weekend, something like that. >> game time is 5:07 tomorrow. there will be two broadcasts. fox sports is doing something different for the stat geeks throughout like sam. the normal game will air on fox, fox sports 1 is offering a
7:00 am
second airing that will focus on the stats and replaying segments to look at the stats. >> we'll see you back here with more local news in a half hour. good morning. breaking news. inspirational teenager malala the youngest peace prize winner. the courageous fight that made her a global icon. no laughing matter. that he has ebola.light jesses the flight attendant furious. >> i think the man that has said this is an idiot and i'll say that straight up. >> when they land a hazmat team is there to greet him and escort him from the plane. what happens to him now? plus, the system, the ceo of microsoft tells working women


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